Multiple CAD-systems batch-export services.

If you can do the job manually, we can do it automatic!


Your company have thousands of 2D/3D-CAD drawings, that you need exported to either DXF/DWG/PDF for 2D or STEP/SAT for 3D, we offer the service to help you.


Our service includes all true windows based 2D or 3D-CAD-systems, which by themselves doesn't provide any sort of batch-export solution.

That would be why you would need our service.

The requirement for CAD-software is that it in its newest version, runs under Windows 2000 or later and have a windows-user-interface (not ported from another operating system). Furthermore the CAD-software, must have an export-function, where it can export a single file to either DXF/DWG for 2D-files or STEP/SAT for 3D-files.
In addition we can create PDF plots for verification purposes.
We expect the CAD-software to be compatible with your dataset.
Our service doesn't require that the CAD-software have any sort of API or scripting language at all.
If you can do the job manually, we can do it automatic!

Which technology:

We have developed a solution for internal use, which is based on the Windows API, controling the particular CAD-system via it's user-interface. You could imagine an "automated" robot sitting behind the keyboard, doing the job.

Our service (batch-export):

The source-drawings must be in the proprietary format of the CAD-system. In the case of batch-export job, we will create a password protected account on our ftp-server, where you can upload og download your data, as well as we need to know which CAD-system we must use for export. In case we don't have a license for the particular CAD-system, we would need to buy a license, which is included in our pricing system. The more expensive CAD-systems do in most cases provide batch-export by themselves.
A job including 10.000 source drawings, will typical take less than one week.
Together with the exported drawings we also provide you with an event-log from the job, where serious warning-dialogs are logged. This even includes situations where the CAD-software crashes during the attempt of opening a drawing that might be corrupt etc. Our solution will log the event of crash, then restart the CAD-software, continuing with the next file in queue. In general our service requires some level of monitoring, when the computer works.

Additional/ optional service:

For data imported to AutoCAD's DWG format or Inventor, we can offer further processing:
Special wishes regarding handling of layers, blocks/symbols, drawing borders or titleblocks, including export of AutoCAD attributes / Inventor iProperties for can be performed for futher data-processing.
On basis of your wishes for further processing, we can give you an offer.

Real-world case:

We were contacted by the danish company "Billund Airport", who had 13.500 drawings in DesignCAD. Since "Billund Airport" in the meantime introduced AutoCAD, they would like to have their entire drawing-database converted/exported to AutoCAD's DWG format.
From DesignCAD technical staff, "Billund Airport" were informed that DesignCAD dont provide any batch-export, so if it wasn't for our service, the user had to do the job manually. This would have taken one person up to 12 full working weeks to do.
We delivered the exported data in DWG format only 5 days later together with an event-log file.

Autodesk Distributor/ Reseller?

If you represent an Autodesk Distributor/ Reseller, we have a beneficial offer for cooperation.
Please contact us for more information.

How to contact us:

You can contact us for request or further info by email: